4 Tips on How to Say No to Yourself?

4 Tips on How to Say No to Yourself?

Saying “No” to yourself needs more courage than saying it to somebody else. But you must realize that it is essential for your own good. When you say “No” to yourself, you are not denying yourself anything. In fact you are giving yourself well-being, more happiness and even health, even if it means discontent or deprivation for a while. The trick is to look at yourself as a parent or a loved one and take decisions for your own good. There are reasons why you are unable to control your splurges with respect to money or food or anything that does not do you any good. These things are, in fact, in some way or the other, harmful. Listed below are 4 effective ways how you can learn to say “No” to yourself.

1. Leave your past behind

The reason why you are unable to say “No” to yourself may be rooted in your past. In your childhood, you may have always got what you wanted irrespective of whether you really needed something or not. Probably you did not value things. Any new gift or toy you received did not make you feel grateful, instead you took everything for granted. But now you must realize that when it comes to spending your own money on things you need, a little financial planning is needed. Same is the case with food or any other bad habit. You must learn to control yourself by distancing yourself from your past. Understand that you are no longer a child and that now you are responsible for your own well-being. Leave your past behind and you will have the courage and confidence to say “No” to yourself. In the long run, you will be immensely benefited by it.

2. Talk about it

Talking about your problem helps a lot. Not that you have to say that you are helpless and that you really cannot control yourself, instead talk about how futile it is to overeat and put on weight that would in turn harm you. When you speak to a friend or colleague about it, you will yourself understand the benefits you are going to obtain just by learning to say “No” to yourself.

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