4 Tips For Ingrown Hair

Tips For Ingrown Hair

The seemingly harmless ingrown hair can become quite a nightmare if not handled properly. Ingrown hair is basically the one that didn’t emerge out of the follicle but has curled and turned to grow backwards into the hair follicle. Here are some tips to handle ingrown hair:

1. Use a good scrub to exfoliate the skin around ingrown hair

You should use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin. This also helps you to get rid of the dead skin. This could help release the trapped ingrown hair and your problem may get solved. Before you plan to shave your arms/legs, it’s always a good idea to exfoliate prior to shaving. The scrubbing helps you to get rid of many ingrown hair and makes shaving easier

2. Use some acne ointment/medication

Ingrown hair can become quite bumpy and infected. It’s a good idea to use some medication or ointment which you would normally use for acne treatment. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are quite helpful. This medication coupled with regular gentle scrubbing twice a day should provide the required help. If you feel the need, you can call up your dermatologist to know what else you can apply.

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