4 Things to Never Apply on Your Skin

4 Things to Never Apply on Your Skin

We all wake up to a sudden appearance of acne or spot on our face. Standing in front of the mirror we think how could this ugly thing just pop up when we take all the necessary precaution to ensure our skin is as flawless as we can make it look. But what we forget is that our skin is extra sensitive and thus we must not buy any skin care products over the counter as they could cause reaction and allergies. Below are few things we must not apply on our skin.

1. Excess of skin Ointments

Let’s say you have recently developed itching issue and have got rashes on your skin. To buy over the counter regular skin care ointment is okay, but don’t make this a habit. Consult a dermatologist if it becomes a regular thing. Applying strong medication might for a long time actually weaken your skin.
Also, try and differentiate between creams, lotions and ointments. The former 2 have more water and oil content and can easily evaporate and are hence not very effective. Ointments on the other hand are gel based and have a more lasting impact.

2. New promising Drugs

You may come across several ads showing new medications to get rid of acne and scars. These new drugs or herbs might prove to be dangerous for your skin. Get it recommended from your doctors before using it. These herbs might contain unheard substances and elements.

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