4 Things All Wives Should Know About Their Husbands

4 Things All Wives Should Know About Their Husbands

When two people stay married and live under the same roof for a long time, they just assume that they know each other’s routines and that they know most things about the other. Sadly that is as far from the truth as it can be and many people find this out the hard way. When there is the thought that there is nothing more to know about someone, the fire in a marriage and the enthusiasm towards the relationship wanes away. One should never assume that they know all. After a few years into a marriage the wife gets interested in other aspects of the house like raising the kids, work and chores and assumes that everything’s fine coz there has been no flare up. But there are certain things that all wives should know about their husbands to better their marriage or just to make it work.

1.Your husband needs his space

You might be the one who stays at home to look after the kids and manage the entire house and deal with the neighbors too. You may also think that he has it easy by just going to work and coming back to an organized house. When he comes home and switches on the television or retires to his room, it just means that he is tired and needs a bit of his space. Do not bombard him with the routine happenings. Let him enjoy his time. You can always get him after this.

2.Husbands can say no to sex too

Just like you would say no to sex when you do not feel like it, or when you have a beef with him, he too would do the same. There is a tendency among wives to go all melodramatic when the husband says no to their advances. Instead of going over the top with him, talk and ask him what is wrong. He might be angry with you or just too stressed with work and other things. Do not assume that something is wrong because he said no.

3.Husbands are always not the rock

You may have built an image of a very strong emotional and physical persona around your husband, but you should know that this is always not true. And even if it is, he is under tremendous pressure to keep performing and functioning on that level. Let him know that you can manage stuff too and that sometimes he can cry too. It is important to know that husbands are fallible too and you need to work around him and be diplomatic about it so as to not hurt his ego or the male pride.

4.You don’t and do not have to know everything about him

There are certain aspects about his life that you will never know. And he might have a good reason to keep that part of his life away from you. You can still love your husband without him having to account for all his movements. Know that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Wives should never assume that they know everything about their husbands and go into complacency and also should never be too inquisitive either. The same applies to him. Marriage is always about maintaining a balance and giving each other their space when they need it.

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