4 Steps to Play With Your Nails

4 Steps to Play With Your Nails

There are many ways to play with your nails. Your nails can be the medium of expressing your likeness, your nature and character. Colors play a very important role in describing one’s personality and so, your nail polish color can express a good deal about yourself. Your nail color can also speak about your preferences and your mood. Young girls apply a wide range of colors on their nails and even like experimenting with their nails by using different sorts of color combinations. On the other hand, mature women refrain from experimentation and like to stick to a limited number of colors which looks soft and somber. So, it is apparent that women of different age groups have different preferences for nail colors. But they also share a common need and it is the need of taking proper care of nails as bad quality of nails cannot properly highlight any nail color.

1. Soak your nails in warm water

Soaking your nails in warm water before applying new nail polish is very effective. Warm water softens your nail cuticles which makes the job of pushing back the nail cuticles easier for you.

2. File and shape your nails

After completing the cuticle job, the next step for you is to file and shape your nails. You can shape your nails in accordance to your taste by using emery board file or a crystal file. However, before starting this job, allow your nails to become completely dry as wet nails can result in breakage.

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