4 Signs You Are Lesbian

4 Signs You Are Lesbian

Some people are different and their preferences might also be different. That does not mean they are doing wrong. Being lesbian is not a taboo anymore in our society. It is an individual choice of sexual preference, which cannot be denied. Are you feeling for a woman instead of man? Okay, so know for yourself through these signs which tell if you are lesbian.

1. If you are in love with being lesbian

It all starts from here. If you love reading lesbian books or watching lesbian movies, then may be you like the idea of being lesbian. Do you love the idea of two women kissing each other; accept the fact that you could be turning into one.

2. If you are tempted to kiss or touch a girl

If you fantasize kissing a girl or touching her, then this is a possible sign that you are lesbian. If you want to hug or kiss a girl again and you derive pleasure out of it, then it is a sign that you are lesbian. Evaluate the situation by knowing about these signs.

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