4 Signs You Are a Loser

Signs You Are a Loser

While walking on the streets we come across a variety of people. These include, charming, frustrated, angry, revengeful, innocent, nerds, lonely, dangerous, criminals, cops, etc. Among all these personalities there are some people who exhibit certain traits which classify them as losers. Below are signs which indicate that you are a loser.

1. Loser Mentality

You may have all the luxuries of the world and are a looker at the same time. You may have a loving family and best of friends to keep you company. You may be blessed with love of a handsome young entrepreneur, but if you do not appreciate the presence of all this, if you are not ready to compromise and make adjustments, if you complain all the time, if you show displeasure at the slightest discomfort and above all if you do not care for the feelings of those who love you and inflict pain on them without any concern, you are a loser.

2. Self-Pity

You might not be born with a golden spoon but that does not give you the right to pity yourself. If for every failure that you face, you give excuses, you are never going to see success. If every time something horrible happens to you and you go in a depression mode, you start considering yourself as a victim of circumstances and situations, you are a loser. If you have a tendency to blame luck for everything you don’t achieve, it puts you into loser category.

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