4 Secrets Men Keep From Their Wives

4 Secrets Men Keep From Their Wives

As much heartbreaking as it is to hear, every man keeps secrets from his wife; even after taking a vow in front of virtually everyone important in his life that he will always be honest to her. If you are one of those women who think they know everything about their husbands, read on to think about if that actually is true. If it is, you are a lucky lucky lady! Here are the secrets that every man keeps from his wife.

1. I do not look

Biggest lie in the book! Of course he looks, sometimes he even lingers. Doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with her; even if he does, doesn’t mean that he will. Your man loves you, but that doesn’t mean he cannot admire beauty.

2. I understand

Let’s face it, most men work on logic level, and most women on emotional level. There is bound to be a clash there. Hence, when a man says he understands, he most often does not and is saying that just to end a fight because he is tired, and/or hungry.

3. I love it when you show motherly care

He might not love your mother, but he loves when you take care of him, make him feel loved and cared for. There is this very weird part in men’s brains that makes them fall in love with you all over again just because you are mothering them.

4. I like it when I drive

This is an ego issue, something you just have to accept. Men like it when they are in control, men love to feel important. They feel like they have a value, and they have huge egos. Hence, when you drive, they do not love it. Just as well, gives you more comfort, right?

There are things he might not tell you, birthdays he might forget, mistakes he might commit; but at the end, you know your man is yours, and his presence is enough to tell you so! So do not care for what he does not tell you; well, unless there are huge warning signs that tell you otherwise!

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