4 Relationship Red Flags to Watch Out For

4 Relationship Red Flags to Watch Out For

Relationship red flags are signals that problems are imminent but they are not always so ominous. The trick is to look out for these relationship red flags, deal with them before they become actual problems. There are four major relationship red flags you should know about.

1. Criticism

If your partner criticizes you or anything you do, say or express, you need to understand that he is losing interest in you and is in a mood to fight and will not miss the first chance to shout at you for something you did (or did not do). But this generally happens because he is upset about something and is unable to talk to you about it. Halt for a minute, talk to your partner privately and ask what is bothering him. Often, talking solves half the problem.

2. Avoidance

Has he been avoiding you lately? Has he been stating vague excuses of work or meetings or parties which seem very ambiguous? If your partner is avoiding you, then rest assured that something is up. Your marriage/relationship is on the verge of breaking or your husband/partner is planning a big surprise for you (!). But the trick in such cases is to identify the red flag and be prepared. You might just be able to handle what comes next!

3. Narcissism

If your partner suddenly becomes egotistical then there might be trouble on the horizon. All of a sudden you might find that everything is about your partner and you are just an accessory and do not have a say in anything anymore. Be prepared for any bombshell that might fall any time.

4. Lying

White lies are fine as long as they do not cross a certain limit and transform into unnecessary lying about simple things like the identity of the caller, recent whereabouts etc. Keep your eyes open and you will find when these pointless lies begin to become answers to everything you ask your partner. Be prepared, he is hiding something, and is too anxious about it.

Keep your eyes (and ears) open to identify these relationship red flags and you will know when to rethink your relationship and whether it will stand for long.

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