4 Reasons Your Happiness Depends on Your Health

4 Reasons Your Happiness Depends on Your Health

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.” -Leigh Hunt
When we seek happiness, we often confuse it with our materialistic needs. True, possessing some things in life will probably make your life easier and even better, but they will not necessarily make it happier. For being happy, you need good health. And not just physical health, mental health too is as crucial. In fact, happiness and health go hand in hand. It is difficult to tell which one comes first, but you must try to maintain a fair balance of both to be optimal in health as well as in happiness. This correlation is not a matter of chance. If you look closely, you can easily figure out why they are so related and why it is so important to maintain good health to be truly happy. Listed here are the 4 major reasons your happiness depends on your health.

1. Well being is both physical and mental

When we talk about happiness, what we really mean is well being in all aspects of our life. We cannot be truly happy if we are not feeling well. Even the slightest headache puts our body into discomfort and it is certainly not happiness. No matter how much you have achieved in life and how much money you have, if you have to take pills to get some sleep at night, then you are certainly not happy. So unless you are feeling well both physically and mentally, you are never really happy. While mental peace is a matter of choice, meditation, positive thinking and a broad outlook towards life, physical well being depends largely on how you take care of your body. So if you ignore the signs that your body gives you or do not take care of it, it may revolt by making you ill, and that certainly will hinder any mental happiness that you may be trying to achieve.

2. Physical pain disrupts positive thoughts

The pursuit of happiness from within tells us that we need to change the way we react to things, how we feel and what we think most of the time. It focuses a lot on thinking positive in all areas of life and in every situation possible to bring about positive changes in our lives. But while you may be consciously choosing positive thoughts over negative ones, physical discomfort due to illness or disease may hinder the whole exercise. It would defeat the purpose of trying to find happiness. So while you try to bring about changes in your mind, you must also take care of your health in any way you can and you will find true happiness.

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