4 Reasons Why The Story of Valentines Day Can’t Be True

4 Reasons Why The Story of Valentines Day Can't Be True

With the whole hype that 14th of February is creating, it feels like it will soon take over Christmas. After all, there are so many couples madly in love out there. Valentines day gives them an excuse to celebrate. But what about the singles, huh? It makes them feel like lone losers! Who is this Valentine after all? Some guy who died for love? Well, we dare to doubt that. What if this whole story of Valentines day ain’t true after all? What if there was no one like Valentine existing? What if the story of Valentines day was just a creative grapevine? Here we have 4 reasons why the story of Valentines day can’t be true.
Caution: This piece might seem offending to Valentine’s day believers. For all you Anti-Valentines out there, you will love it!

1. Absence of strong evidence!

Is there any kind of proof that St.Valentine actually existed? No! Is there any kind of witness who claims to be knowing St.Valentine or something? No! So then how can you just believe some kind of story that you read over the Internet or your friends told you about? For all you know Valentine would be the name of some psychopath residing at Rikers Island Prison!

2. Why Valentine’s day?

There is no holiday for the day Romeo and Juliet sacrificed their lives for love. There is no one celebrating for Cleopatra and Mark Antony! Cupid and Psyche too do not have any such day dedicated to them. Then why St.Valentine? Don’t you find it fishy? At least we do!

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