4 Reasons Why New Veet Ads are Offensive

Reasons Why New Veet Ads are Offensive

“Don’t risk Dudeness”, claims the new veet ad that was taken off air recently. It was an advert for their new wax strips and soon after it was aired it came under a lot of criticism for being offensive and highly derogatory for women and here is why. It shows a woman waking up as man in the morning because she has not waxed, and later a woman failing to flag down a taxi as she looks like a man after not waxing. Even a normal person with no feminist streaks or critical eyes would know that these ads are extremely offensive and painful to watch. It pokes fun at women and also at homosexuality and can have pretty deep repercussions on how society wants a woman to look. Here are some reasons as to why the new veet ads are offensive.

1. Body hair makes a woman very mannish

It is a very deeply disturbing stereotypical myth that has been propagated and has been used to its full by the skin removal industry. Body hair does not definitely make a woman mannish or masculine or anything such thing. And to call a woman who is comfortable with her body or body hair for that matter is highly degrading and also pushes a particular image of how a woman should be seen in the public

2. It tells a woman how she should look to be desirable

Really? There are a lot of women and men who do not care for hair on their body and to tell a woman that she is lady like or more womanly and that she should go around all shiny like a mannequin is both so condescending and insulting. A woman being herself is the natural way and she being comfortable in her body in spite of these images foisted on her should be looked up on and not insulted.

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