4 Reasons Why Men Talk Less Than Women

4 Reasons Why Men Talk Less Than Women

Barring a few men who can talk a hole in your head, most men are people of limited words. It’s common for women in a relationship to feel their men just don’t respond when it comes to talking. And they have to do all the work to get a point across or resolve issues. This can be a huge cause for stress among many. But, you don’t need to get all worked up, every time your man seems to utter a “’k” or “hmm” to your hundreds of words. Because, in a way, he is just hardwired to talk less! Here are four reasons why men talk lesser than women.

1. Social upbringing teaches men to be less expressive

Remember how your little brother was told not to cry when hurt and “man up”? Agreed, crying isn’t speech but this is a strong medium of expression, nonetheless. Men are conditioned from a very early age to suppress his impulses or emotions. They are not supposed to be as expressive as girls. Social codes have become deeply embedded in their personalities causing them to be less talkative than the fair sex.

2. Biology causes men to talk less

A recent study by the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine says there is a biological reason for explaining why men talk less than women – 7000 words to a woman’s whopping 20,000 per day. They conducted research on little boys and girls of four to five years of age and found that a boy’s brain has 30% less FOXp2 than a girl of the same age. FOXp2 is the speech protein in our brain. Less speech protein means an individual has lesser speaking tendencies in comparison. Now, this is not a conclusive study but it does give provide a clue as to why men talk lesser than women.

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