4 Reasons not to Want Him Back After Breaking Up

4 Reasons not to Want Him Back After Breaking Up

It is difficult to stay in a relationship, there is so much involves, so many emotions and other things at stake that sometimes it puts unreasonable pressure on you. As difficult it is to stay in a relationship, it hurts a lot to go through a breakup. No matter who initiates the breakup, it is hard to deal with it especially when all the hard work and commitment you put in that relationship goes down the drain. Sometimes when you go through a breakup, you try and get back after a while. It won’t be a real breakup, but it would just be you wanting some space. Many a times however, you wouldn’t want to get back with him and there may be a lot of reasons for it. Here are some reasons not to want him back after breaking up with him.

1. You had a good enough reason to break up with him

You must have had a good reason to break up with him. There is no reason as to why you should change your mind and take him back. Even if you are alone and want to be with someone, you should put your effort into looking for someone and being out there instead of falling for the easy way out and want him back in your life. Whenever you feel weak, think about the reason you did not want him in the first place. That should be deterrent enough.

2. You feel free

It is true that you feel lonely and miserable after a breakup. But the opposite is also true. When you come out of a relationship, especially a long term relationship, the first thing you feel after the initial depression wears off is freedom. It takes time but you realize that you feel free and can do whatever you want to without having to worry about him. That feeling of freedom is a good reason if not any other to not want him back in your life.

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