4 Out of the Box First Date Ideas

4 Out of the Box First Date Ideas

First dates are always fun, full of excitement and anxiety. There should be something different and interesting that should be done on a first date and it shouldn’t be like a regular date. Think of some creative ideas and a special way to bond on your first date. Here are 4 out-of-the-box first date ideas.

1. Cook something

Make all arrangements at your place, plan the menu, bring the wine and cook together. It would be fun to cook a meal together and bond while doing that. It wouldn’t be like an awkward first date. You’ll will be involved in the activity and talk simultaneously. You could also take up a one day cooking class together.

2. Plan a hike

Plan out a small hike and picnic trip where you guys can have a relaxing time in the nature. Open air, some packed snacks and each other’s company. Something different than a usual candle light fine dine environment. Spend the day together.

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