4 Most Challenging times For A Parent

4 Most Challenging times For A Parent

They say giving birth is the hardest thing that you could do in life. They lie. Because what follows is a new challenge every other minute! Being a parent is no piece of cake, literally. Not only are you responsible for your own personal growth, you are responsible and accountable for the ones you gave birth. It is like harboring more than one conscience inside of you; one for each of your children apart from yourself. No period is easy as a parent. But it is true that after 21, the challenging period is not all that challenging as it is before that epic age. Enlisted here are the most challenging periods for a parent.

1. Infancy

As a little kid, your kids needs you 24×7. You have to feed them, bathe them, make them fall asleep, cuddle them, coddle them, make sure they do not fall, tend to them when they cry for no reason, burp them, change them, wipe them. Do every single little thing. Sure you love them with all your heart, but it takes a toll on your body. And you can only take a deep, calm breath when they nap; which is usually when you nap too.

2. Toddlerhood

As they grow up, kids start getting cuter and naughtier. And nastier almost in the way they snatch things, and shout, and just dismiss you, and do not eat properly and do not do what you want them to do! Also, they are yours, so you hope they do not completely ‘brat out’ in front of others. You do not want to be strict and ground them so they start to hate you, but you cannot be all happy go lucky and not guide them!

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