4 Interesting Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

4 Interesting Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

The phrase “good news” has become synonymous with being pregnant. If you’re expecting and are looking forward to welcome your new born; you want to feel the joy of sharing this life changing news with everyone you are close with – friends, family, relatives and your husband or boyfriend. You want the entire world to share your happiness and welcome your bundle of joy. But how do you make your pregnancy news exciting and fun for everyone? Here are 4 interesting ways to break your pregnancy news to others.

1. Serve it on the platter

You and your partner can call all near and dear ones for a small gathering or dinner. After dinner when you serve dessert, you could consider a tart or a mousse cake with a small baby boy or girl on a little stick which says ‘it’s a boy!’ or ‘it’s a girl’ if you have found out the sex of the child. Let your guests uncover their dessert platters; the message will send huge smiles and surprises across the table.

2. Wear a baby T-shirt

Give clues to people around you. Wear t-shirts and shirts which read ‘I love babies,’ or ‘I am a super mommy.’ Such innovative message clues in your wardrobe will certainly make people wonder and ask questions. You can let them guess, enjoy the fun and then break the news. The response is going to be worth waiting for.

3. Give a surprise baby shower invitation

During a baby shower that usually happens in the last trimester, everyone comes to you bearing gifts and with complete awareness. When you send out invitations of surprise news, everyone will look forward to it. They will come not knowing what to expect. A small cradle with presents, your pregnancy clothes and baby picture will make it very explicit. Everyone’s joy will be threefold.

4. Make a video

Tell your family to gather around the television. Record a video of you and your partner talking about your lives as children, showing pictures and clips from your childhood to being adults. In the video, you announce how you will now take on the role of parents. Everyone will be thrilled to receive the news in such an innovative manner.

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