4 Foods You Should Eat in Your 20s

4 foods you should eat in your 20s

Eating in your 20’s can be a bit of a challenge. You are just out of your teen years and would be still grappling with some of the body issues that you had earlier. You will see your body changing in a lot of ways and in a bid to keep it trim and fit, you would also start will a lot of new diets. It is good to stay trim, but it is equally necessary that you remain healthy. Your nutritional needs depend on the amount of work you do and also the environment you live in and when you are in your 20’s you still have an active metabolism, so you should not be exactly starving yourself. This is also the age when you will have to stock up a lot on nutrients, especially calcium. Here is a list of foods that you should eat in your 20’s.

1.Calcium rich foods to stave off osteoporosis and weak bones in old age

As a woman, you would naturally tend to lose out on bone density as you grow older. It is bad, but cannot be helped. But that can be done is try and reverse the loss of bone density by piling up on the calcium when your body is still able to take on a lot and digest it. So have a lot of calcium rich food like milk, eggs and fish. Also go for whole milk, than fat free milk as fat free milk is more watery and does not really contain all the nutrients you need from it. Whole milk also makes you feel fuller.


If you are on a diet, there are chances that you are missing out on a lot of essential nutrients for your body. One of the side effects of dieting and going on a bad diet at that is that you tend to lose not only fat but your muscle mass and muscles are very essential for you to stay strong and healthy. Eat a lot of protein to keep the muscles from disappearing. You can have chicken when it is not fried and other protein rich grains. Fish is also a great option if you are worried about putting on weight.


A little bit of fat is needed to have a normal well balanced diet. You can switch your low calorie low fat yoghurt for normal yogurt and have it for your breakfast or as a snack. Also when you have a fatty breakfast, you tend to stay more energetic through the day and would not want to keep filling up with other bad snacks or junk food through the day. This is the age where you can easily work off the excess fat too, so do not scrimp on the bacon when you see it for breakfast the next time.


Carbs are not bad when you are in your 20’s. Have a lot of pasta and white bread because as you grow older, your body will find it difficult to process these things.

You should be freer about what you eat and not restrict yourself too much on the food front when you are in your twenties. Whatever you do in your twenties will play an important on your health as you get older.

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