4 Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

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Anxiety has become a wide spread ailment. Although it sounds like a passing phase and a natural response to crisis or any sort of grave situation, it can be very damaging. Anxiety should not be taken very lightly. It can affect your work, ability to make the right choices, cause panic, forgetfulness and in terms of physical response lead to irritable bowel syndrome, perspiration and even a heart condition in the worst case scenario. Unfortunately, popping pills is not the solution, you need to train your mind to deal with it calmly and be patient with yourself. There are many ways to reduce the feeling of anxiety but some simple breathing techniques can work magic. Here are 4 breathing techniques for anxiety.

1. Shallow breathing

Sit quietly in one place. Do not talk to anyone and resist from taking any kind of step till you have calmed yourself down. Inhale and exhale slowly but not exhaling hair with a gust. Remind yourself that you need to be able to catch your breath first, stabilize your breathing pattern to gain control over your senses and the ability to think. Then think and deal with things with a calm mind. Slowly, release your breath. Repeat this for at least 5-10 times.

2. Slow and monitored breathing

This breathing technique is very effective but requires your complete attention. When you have seated yourself, calmly observe your breathing pattern. Continue to breathe normally but slow. Focus on your intention. Count in your head as you inhale and exhale. This will help you gather yourself and channelize your energy to think better. In pressurized situations, this can be a life saver. You can even practice this on a regular basis.

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