4 Benefits of Being a Nerd

4 Benefits of Being a Nerd

Gone are the days when being called a “nerd” was one of the worst things for a high school girl or a college grad. Agreed, no one really likes to be called a nerd. But the fact is there has been a tremendous change of attitude off late. Once this word conjured an image of a socially maladjusted girl with over sized spectacles and braces, but now being a nerd is so much more than that. Here are four benefits of being a nerd.

1. Nerd is the new cool

With Bill Gates and Zuckerberg becoming billionaires, the society at large has come to realize the potential of a nerd. Today, this is the new cool, so much so, that being a nerd is almost becoming mainstream! True, the world is more kind on a nerd guy, but even for a nerd girl, being so is becoming same as earning a grudging respect from her peers in the college or university, for the awesome knowledge she has on a specific field.

2. Nerds have better value in the job market

Sure, pretty ladies are still preferred on certain industries like hospitality and front office corporate but nerd girls have many takers too. Nerds tend to have great expertise on a particular subject. They are hardworking, equipped with lateral thinking, they are focused to the point of being obsessed. Today’s highly competitive job market is on the lookout for such candidates.

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