32 Interesting Facts About Guys

32 Facts About Guys

Love them or hate them, you just can’t ignore them. Guys may be good or bad, but are very interesting creatures. Learn more about them.

  1. Straight guys hate gays.
  2. A guy may get attracted to a girl for her looks but to fall in love with her, it is her inner self that matters.
  3. Guys hate bitchy girls and girls who are mean to others, no matter how good looking they may be.
  4. Guys just love their moms too much.
  5. Guys can talk more than you, if the topic is about girls.
  6. Guy hate it when their girlfriends talks about their ex-boyfriends.
  7. Guys don’t like girls who swear too much.
  8. Guys hate it when you touch their hair.
  9. Guys tend to get attracted to girls who show certain qualities similar to their moms.
  10. Guys hate to be treated like a 3-year old in public. Even if they enjoy you pampering them, they prefer it in private.
  11. If a guy promises to call and doesn’t call, it doesn’t mean that he forgot or lost your number. It just means that he didn’t want to call you.
  12. Most guys are emotionally weaker than women, even if they put up a strong front.
  13. A girl’s smile can be a great turn on for any guy.
  14. Most guys can choose sports over girls.
  15. No matter how much they say that they can handle it, no guy can stand his better half earning more than him.
  16. Guys get turned off by girls who use way too much of makeup and act fake. They prefer girls who are simple and natural.

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