30 Ways To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested

30 Ways To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested

Do you wish to make your boyfriend want you more than he does now? Then check out some of these tips to make your boyfriend want you.

1. Go to casual outings with other boys. Don’t stop making new friends.

2. Tell your boyfriend every time a guy gives you a compliment but he should not feel like you are playing your own trumpet.

3. Be yourself and show him that you are proud of yourself. Guys like girls who are confident and have strong opinions.

4. Don’t jump off your chair every time he asks you out for dinner.

5. Give him some space.

6. Don’t always go on a shopping spree with your boyfriend. Go out with girls and do tell him how much you enjoyed.

7. Drop all your bad habits. Quit drinking and smoking and make sure he comes to know about this.

8. Start acting like you are busy in so many other things that you sometimes forget to call him.

9. Be cool and happy in front of your boyfriend. Have fun, crack jokes, dress nicely and talk to your ex boyfriend normally.

10. Impress his friends with your confidence, personality, thinking, manners and style.

11. Don’t talk to him about the future of your relationship. However, it’ll be great if he starts talking about it.

12. Pull yourself back a little emotionally and physically. He will take you for granted if you are available for him 24/7.

13. Cook for him once in a while. Surprise him with a delicious meal or snack and he will fall in love with you once again.

14. Show him that you are alright with the current status of your relationship and you are not desperate about marriage.

15. Show him that you are an independent woman who can achieve a lot of things without anyone’s help.

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