30 Reasons to Love Your Brother

30 Reasons to Love Your Brother

There is nothing more beautiful than the love of a sibling. If you have a brother – younger or older, consider yourself blessed, because chances are you take a lot of things about him for granted without realizing that he is in fact a blessing in your life. You fight with him, you laugh with him and you also miss him when he is away from home. He loves you more than he loves himself, and he deserves the same love as well. Listed below are 30 reasons to love your brother.

1. He is one of your best friends, even though it might not be apparent or even though you seem to think that he does not miss one opportunity to make fun of you.

2. He will always be protective of you – more so, if he is an older brother. Even if he is younger than you, he will be protective, though the age difference might make him take some more time.

3. Apart from being friendly, remember, he is also your family so there are more personal things you could share with him and seek advice than you could to an outsider.

4. He understands you better than any of your friends.

5. He knows when you are sad, he understands when you are upset and he also realizes it if you are angry.

6. He will take steps and do whatever is necessary to make you feel good again if anything has let you down or has upset you.

7. He knows you better than your parents because he will have looked after you as a kid if he is an elder brother. If he is younger, you will have looked after him and he will know you as his first playmate.

8. You will always hold a special place in his heart, no matter how farther away from each other you go with time. He will always remember you and try and keep company whenever possible.

9. If he is an elder brother, he has plenty of experience to share with you and you will learn a lot from the stories he tells and the experiences he shares with you.

10. Your brother will always support you for whatever your dreams and aspirations are – he will even go to the extent of sacrificing his own dreams to fulfill yours.

11. When you need something, he will have an uncanny way of knowing it from beforehand and will come for help even when you do not ask for it.

12. If you enter into an argument with your brother, whatever the issue may be or whoever wins in the end, remember he will be the first one to forget everything quickly and patch up. So refrain from holding any grudge against him!

13. There are plenty of occasions when you can ask your brother for gifts – including your birthday, or when your brother gets his first salary and so on!

14. Even when your brother is sad or depressed about something, or is just not in the mood, he will look out for you and if he sees you happy, his bad mood will immediately be disappear (even though partially).

15. He will give you honest opinions about everything. He will not be biased and will always tell you the truth and for your own good.

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