30 Different Types of Kisses

30 Different Types of Kisses

Are your lips ready to get some action? Before you go ahead for that romantic lip lock with your beloved, here’s something to give you that extra passionate edge in your art of kissing. Read on to know about the 30 different types of kisses to add on to your kissing style:

1. The good old French Kiss

The French kiss is probably the best gift of France to the world. It’s the most common type of kiss that you hear of. It’s also known as the ‘Tongue Kiss’ because it involves the tongues of the people kissing. In this kiss, lovers kiss with their mouths open and letting their tongues play the gentle (sometimes fierce too!) war of love.

2. The Solo Lip Kiss

It involves taking one of the lips of your lover between your lips and romantically kissing or sucking it. In this type of kiss, the slower you go the better it is. Practice it and you are sure to arouse your lover with this gentle kiss.

3. The cute Butterfly Kiss

When you are in mood of some mushy love, then go for this cute kiss where you gently make your eyelashes touch the cheek of your lover. Then, like the quick fluttering of a butterfly’s gentle wings, blink your eyes fast so that your lover gets the gentle and tingly butterfly kiss.

4. The arousing Earlobe kiss

The earlobe is one of the erogenous zones of the body, so when you really want to arouse your partner, then go for this kiss. Gently take the earlobe of your partner between your lips and kiss/suck it.

5. The Flirty Lip Gloss kiss

All you got to do is pick your favorite (or rather your boyfriend’s favorite) flavored lip gloss and smear it all over your lips. Then go ahead and ‘kiss-transfer’ the lip gloss onto your partner’s lips. True love really loves to share, isn’t it?

6. The Super romantic Spiderman kiss

Go for some super power kiss by imitating the kiss from the movie Spiderman (2002) where the Spiderman was hanging upside down and his lady love plants the kiss while standing. Great way to have this kiss is when your boyfriend is lying down and you come from opposite side to have that magical upside down kiss.

7. The cool Eskimo Kiss

Eskimos plant kisses to their friends by rubbing their noses. Based on that we have this cool Eskimo kiss, where lovers gently rub their noses. Best time to have this kiss is while whispering sweet nothings to each other.

8. The quick Cheek kiss

Planting a quick kiss on your lover’s cheek can be quite a lot of fun too. Surprise him with a cheek kiss while talking about something serious or simply have it as your customary greeting kiss.

9. The Angelic Kiss

When your partner is having a hard day or going through a rough phase, gently kiss his closed eyes– that’s your angelic kiss.

10. The Relaxing Back Kiss

There’s nothing sexier than kissing the naked back of your lover. Your boyfriend will go crazy receiving your relaxing ‘back kisses’.

11. The Sweet Bambi Kiss

Get near your loved one and gently lick one of the cheeks; just like the sweet Bambi.

12. The Tickling Belly Kiss

While having some fun bedroom time, gently make his belly tickle by kissing it romantically.

13. The Sexy Breath Kiss

Gently place your lips on your lover’s neck or back. Slowly exhale. The warm gentle breath is simply too arousing to handle.

14. The Seductive Vampire Kiss

As the name suggests, it is a kiss on your neck. It’s passionate, fierce and very seductive, often resulting in hickey marks.

15. The Fierce Deep Throat kiss

With fierce passion you try to reach as deep as possible while kissing– that’s the deep throat kiss.

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