3 Tips For Arranging a Great Wedding Seating Plan

3 Tips For Arranging a Great Wedding Seating Plan

Managing guests on a wedding can be quite a task, especially when you know that there are going to be plenty of them. However, it is always advisable to take some time out with your partner, and figure out a good seating arrangement for them, so that nobody feels disappointed. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when charting out the wedding seating plan.

1. Get the Logistics Right

The first most important aspect is to figure out exactly how many guests are coming to the wedding. If you have sent a wedding invitation earlier with an RSVP request, then it helps to plan things better, as people would have responded according to their schedules. That way, you know the exact number of guests. Accordingly, you need to arrange for the correct number of chairs and tables, and manage food quantity etc. So even if it seems like a big and boring task, do follow up on the RSVP notes with your guests to plan things better and avoid problems later. You obviously wouldn’t want your guests to be standing in the wedding because there are not enough chairs or tables for them to sit.

2. Keep Everyone Happy

It is always a good idea to give tables to families, so that they can all be together at the wedding, without having to do much hopping around. Couples are best paired with other couples that they know. Friends of the bride can be on one table, and friends of the groom on the other. Coworkers too are best put up together. That way, you are ensuring that nobody gets bored, because they all have at least something in common to talk about, and are of somewhat similar age groups. Make sure you don’t do mistakes such as putting your college friends with your to-be-husband’s grandparents, or your cousins with your old professors. Such seating arrangements make people feel bored and lonely at the wedding.

3. Take Special Care

If you know two of your mutual friends have been exes in the past, make sure they are not on the same table. Similarly, take special care to give tables close to the exit or to the washroom to families with kids, as they will need it most often. Depending on the number of toddlers, you will also need high chairs for them, so arrange for them well in advance. The elderly too should be given special treatment, so don’t put them close to noisy areas such as the speakers etc. Basically, it is all about sparing a thought for each of your guests to ensure that everyone is feeling comfortable and happy.

In the end, revise your seating arrangement plans as many times as possible to ensure that you are not missing out on anyone, and take suggestions from near and dear ones. An extra opinion can come in handy, especially during chaotic times such as weddings!

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