3 Reasons to Say No to Dieting

3 Reasons to Say No to Dieting

Dieting is a very popular choice with people across the world to bring down excess calories. The power of this preference has made several nutrition experts and fitness companies develop different kinds of diets, each promising to deliver miraculous results in their own way. While there is no denying the efficacy of these diet plans, associated consequences and few other issues are usually left dangling in mid air since attempting to answer them will simply mean opening the Pandora box. Here are a few reasons why you must say ‘no’ to dieting.

1. The diet plan you choose may not suit you

There are industry recognized diet plans and fitness programs involving dietary habits that have proved successful for a long time now. When advised by professionally recognized dietitians or nutrition experts, they may prove to be good for your body. However, some people choose to follow diet plans with no professional advice thereby paving way for their own doom. A good and effective diet plan is expected and supposed to incorporate all essential nutrients required for the healthy functioning of the body. It is intended to prune down excess amount of fat consumption and bring you back on track to have a well balanced meal.

2. Crash dieting is a big no-no

This will not just help you lose fat but will also be a long term solution for ruined health. Some people or rather many people indulge in what is termed “crash dieting” to bring down body weight as quickly as possible. Results may also show as desired but eventually you end up causing a lot of damage to your body without having the slightest awareness. Crash dieting is neither a long term solution to weight loss nor a creator of good health. When you stop such a diet plan, your body will tend to accumulate more fat than it ever did and you will have also lost immense energy and nutrition. Your body will become vulnerable to myriad infections and susceptible to different diseases. Besides having a physical effect, crash dieting also lays its influence on you psychologically. The mind gets conditioned on desired results that show while you crash diet. It develops an irresistible need to continue the program for a longer time thereby, depleting health. Although this is a gradual process, it does happen.

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