3 Party Finger Food Ideas

Party Finger Food Ideas

Whether it is just a pajama party for your girls or a family get together or even a semi-formal society party, finger foods should be of different varieties and definitely something that trickle your taste buds. Finger foods are those which are light and easy to eat. They can be grabbed with the hand or with a simple use of a toothpick. They are the first foods that you offer to your guests in the party, which give the first impression of the food quality. Here a few party finger food ideas:-

1. Variety is the spice of life

Depending upon the number of people attending your party, you can serve 2 or 3 or 4 finger food options. If the party is for kids, mini pizza slices, potato fries, crackers and tortilla chips with a cheese or salsa dip will be a good choice. For other age groups, you can have cheese balls as a veg and meat balls as a non-veg option. Other things you can opt for are chicken nuggets, bread rolls, spring rolls, sausages and chips with different dips. Hummus with pita bread and sushi could be other choices. Grilled or stuffed vegetables will be a very good vegetarian finger food option.

2. Sweet Trays

To balance out the spice, you can have trays of delicious sweets moving around in your party. This will definitely work wonders if the party is for kids and teenagers. You can have a tray of mini cupcakes or miniatures of the most liked chocolates. Another option is to have sweets in the shapes of an object that represents your party theme. For instance,in a Christmas party, you can have chocolates in the form of bells, gift boxes, stockings etc. Fruit trays accompanied by chocolate dips are also an option you could use.

3. Drink them up

Small sized glasses filled with juices and milkshakes for kids could also be a part of the finger foods making a round at your party place. In case of teenagers, soft drinks could be used. In adult parties, a small round of alcoholic drinks would just be the right thing to kickstart your party.

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