3 Makeup Tips for Working Women

3 Makeup Tips for Working Women

Jobs these days are not just about being skillful and good with your work, but also about looking presentable. This is the reason why the first step of screening of candidates for a job involves the employer often looking at the pictures of the job seekers. This is even truer in the case of jobs in the hospitality industry, such as that of cabin crew, ground staff on airports, hotel staff etc. It is here that the need for good makeup tips for working women arises, so that you can look your presentable best. Here are some of them to help you in that task.

1. Keep it simple

Professional makeup is all about being simple and elegant. Just like you wear different types of clothes at a party and at your workplace, your makeup too needs to be different respectively. You can’t afford to have glittery, shimmery and gaudy makeup in office. Hence, it is best to play with neutral shades, when it comes to lipsticks and nail paints. Highlighting the eyes with kohl and eyeliners, and using light colored eye shadows is a good idea. Make sure that there is not too much bling involved in any of your makeup products. Beige, light pink, lavender, mauve, and similar colors are good to match work attire. Of course, you can choose to invest in brown nail paints and lipsticks too, as they are more durable and do not require frequent touch ups.

2. Don’t forget skin care

One of the simplest makeup tips for working women is to have a good skin, as makeup looks better on healthy and well-maintained skin. So make sure that you follow a good skin care regimen. Wash your face every night to remove makeup, and invest in a good night moisturizer. Also make sure that you wash your face at least 2-3 times a day with water to regularly clear off the dirt and dust settling on your face. Keep easy-to-use makeup products handy for touch-ups.

3. Be particular about comfort and convenience

Make sure that you have a hairstyle that does not need too much of care during the day. A tight bun or a ponytail works the best. However, depending on your hairstyle, you can even choose to leave your hair open, or half-tied, by using the right kind of hair clips. Either way, the idea is to make sure that your hair does not look messy, and is neat at all times. Messy hair tends to irritate you a lot, and is uncomfortable as well as difficult to manage.

So keep these simple makeup tips in mind, and you’re ready to go!

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