3 Easy Tips To Deal With Criticism At Work

3 Easy Tips To Deal With Criticism At Work

To start off, nobody is perfect. Mistakes or errors happen in life. The idea is to understand those errors and correct them. Most people believe that mistakes are the stepping stones to experience. Failing many times to achieve, being criticized for it and finally succeeding makes people tougher in future. Nobody appreciates criticism, they believe in their work but criticism only adds to the progress in work. Successful people accept criticism and learn from it. Criticism can be grouped as constructive criticism, which aids in development and destructive criticism, which causes emotional and psychological damage. People who accept criticism are respected for doing so and are always open towards growth. So, here is how you should deal with criticism at work and make the best of it.

1. Listen and consider

It is always important to listen to what one has to say. Criticism always provides an opportunity to learn. Don’t comment or debate over a comment immediately. Consider the criticism and see if it is worthwhile. False, biased and baseless criticism must be ignored. The source of criticism should also be considered. Also, don’t take criticism personally. It may have negative effects on you.

2. Respond and discuss

Once the person has criticized, do respond. Respond to the criticism and not to the tone of it. A calm and healthy response is always appreciated. Discuss reasons and look for methods to make the job better. The criticism need not be right all the time. If you believe you are right, then put your objections forward but in a polite manner. Healthy discussion serves to enhance work. It is always nice to appreciate criticism with a smile.

3. Apply

This is not a compulsion. If you believe the work is perfect and does not need any changes, then stick to it. But this does not mean that you don’t listen to criticism. Valued criticism is always healthy and aims at improvement. Consider what is being said and apply it in the work done for better results, if it helps. Do not let ego keep you away from healthy criticism and eventually from success.

Criticism at work can help make a positive change. It makes work a better experience only if you learn to ignore personal comments and block false criticism.

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