27 Reasons to Take Him Back

Reasons To Take Him Back

‘It’s not over until it’s really over’ – Paradoxical? Well, so is love and all matters of the heart. So are you thinking about taking him back? Well, here are 27 reasons why you should:

1. He has flooded your inbox with sorry cards.

2. Every morning you wake up with an SMS from him.

3. He does not blame you for anything.

4. He does not accuse you of causing him pain.

5. He has been constantly asking your friends about how you are doing.

6. He seems to be ‘there’ for you.

7. He sends you flowers in hopes of reuniting.

8. He has made genuine efforts in changing himself.

9. He ‘plans’ to meet you by ‘accident.’

10. He calls you just to know how you are doing.

11. He sends you movie tickets of your favorite movies but doesn’t impose himself on you.

12. He watches you when he thinks you are not looking.

13. A look of genuine regret and sincere apology marks his face.

14. He doesn’t ‘stalk’ you or makes you feel uncomfortable, but he is comfortably there always.

15. He is not embarrassed to say ‘I love you,’ again and again.

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