25 Things You must Teach Your Son

Things You must Teach Your Son

Good lessons learnt from parents during childhood, stay longer with sons and can lead them towards the right path in the future. So, as parents you need to be extra careful while teaching your son the right life lessons. Check out 25 things you must teach your son.

1. Teaching your son to look after himself will help him throughout his life.

2. Teach him the importance of honesty that will play a vital role in his life.

3. Teach your son to play a sport. It imbues essential qualities like pride, honor and putting others ahead of self.

4. Let him know that table manners and chivalry are great even in this modern world.

5. Tell him using fists is never an answer to anything – it is only a temporary victory.

6. Teach him the importance of being a family man.

7. Respect should be the crucial word in his dictionary. He needs to respect everyone.

8. Never do something to a woman you do not want someone else doing to your mother/sister.

9. Teach your son that it is not manly or cool to hit a woman – no matter what the provocation is.

10. Guys should be made to understand that girls have the right to say no and they mean it most of the times.

11. Teach your son that knowledge and education will last a lifetime.

12. Teaching your son to take pride in his appearance will ensure that he dresses well.

13. Teach him to be a strong man but without forgetting kindness, or tenderness.

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