25 Things You must Teach Your Daughter

Things You must Teach Your Daughter

The bond between a mother and a daughter is a very powerful one. Daughters learn a lot from their mothers, so it is very essential to impart the right knowledge and messages to them while growing up. Remember, they look up to you and sometimes even imitate you. So, moms should set the right atmosphere for their daughters. Here are 25 things you must teach your daughter.

1. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

2. Comparison does no good to anyone. Let her know that she is unique and so is everyone. This will boost her self-esteem.

3. Teach her to stand strong for herself and encourage her to fight negativity with positivity.

4. Teach your daughter the importance of loving herself.

5. Teaching her that saying ‘no’ is important too – to bad company, or anything she is uncomfortable with.

6. Teach her to respect others.

7. Teach her never to lose herself in a guy – there are always better options.

8. Teach her that high school is not the ‘real life’ – life has bigger issues.

9. Teach her to dress appropriately for her age.

10. Teach her to be kind to everyone and make her understand how lucky she is when compared to the majority of other children who are suffering.

11. Teach her appreciate and be thankful of every small thing she has.

12. Some girls can be mean, petty and back stabbing. Advice your daughter to stay away from them.

13. Teach her to choose the right friends.

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