22 Romantic Ways to Woo a Guy

Romantic Ways to Woo a Guy

Hey ladies, it’s time for you to get active, get on your heels, and seduce your guy. To help you get things going, here’s a list of 22 very romantic ways to woo your man:

1. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so surprise him with a wonderful romantic candle night dinner.
2. Wear something sexy; something short enough to arouse his interest but long enough to have him craving for more.
3. Compliment him because when a man feels confident about himself, he feels romantic.
4. Give him a gentle shoulder massage to get him to relax and enjoy your company.
5. Confess your love to him. Tell him all those wonderful things about him that make you fall madly in love with him.
6. Flirt a little with some other guy. It works like magic to get the attention and romance of your man.
7. Indulge in a lot of ‘implied’ talk i.e. talk sexy but not openly. Just give subtle hints and leave the rest to his imagination.
8. Gift him something that he has been waiting to buy for quite some time.
9. Plan to give him a special body massage. Set the ambiance right by adding some aromatic candles, incense sticks and potpourri.
10. Invite him to a very personal dance show by you. Tell him he is the only spectator.
11. Buy tickets of his favorite sports/movie, and watch it together.

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