21 Things to Do When You Turn 21

21 Things to Do When You Turn 21

When you turn 18 you think that you are taking your step towards adulthood, but later you realize there are many things that you cannot do and you are not really treated as an adult. But when you turn 21, things become quite different. Here are 21 things you can do when you turn 21.

1. Plan out your graduation party

Mostly all are graduates by the time they turn 20 or 21. You should plan the most memorable party immediately after your graduation. Plan a party, fix a venue, all the batch mates and class mates should be present and have the most amazing time together.

2. Plan your career and applications

You must be quite certain about your plans for the future. Send your applications; apply for placements, internships as soon as possible. It is great to plan and be prepared and then enjoy as much as you want.

3. Go on a road trip

Pack some clothes, carry your important things and set out on a road trip with your friends. Sing, listen to music, eat, laugh and enjoy. Pull in into dinners, camp, visit locations and have the ultimate experience of freedom.

4. Meet new people

You would have been spending time with only a few set of friends. Try to explore now. Meet new people randomly, make new friends; try to be around different kinds of people. This would make you realize more about the world and how people are.

5. Gain knowledge

If you are in a habit of keeping updates about important events and world scenario, then it is great. If not then start gaining more knowledge about various things and especially about the field you are interested in. It will help you become smart and help you prepare for the industry.

6. Give importance to your hobbies

Life has been like a race, competing in studies, extracurricular activities, grades, ranks etc. Try to take a break and get balance in your life. Give time to other things that you enjoy doing – be it music, art, dance, drama, sports. It will make you feel happy from within.

7. Drink

In many countries, the legal age to start alcohol consumption is 21. So if you still haven’t tried it, then you can start now legally. Try some drinks, do it in a limit.

8. Become independent

It is great if you start supporting yourself and living independently. You would get to learn how to survive on your own; you will be able to support your need. You can definitely take some support in the initial level but then in the long run you will feel proud to take this step.

9. Start savings

Turing 21 means more fun but it also means more responsibility. Open a savings account and start saving some money, it is important.

10. Enjoy late nights

Once you start a full time job it will become very difficult to watch late night movies, party all night, stay up all night etc. So do it as often as you can.

11. Groom yourself

Focus on your looks, carry yourself in a more presentable manner, it will give you confidence. Go for your basic grooming sessions regularly.

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