21 Great Tips to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

 Great Tips to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

The very first time a man sees you can be the moment he discerns whether you could possibly be the love of his life or just another face. And once a man falls in love with you, he falls hard. However, what are the lesser known secrets that will melt his heart and pique his interest in you? Read to know:

1. Always carry a pleasing disposition. Dress up in outfits that compliment you.

2. Be free-spirited and lively.

3. Make eye contact while conversing.

4. Let him be himself around you.

5. Men are drawn to charming women with pleasing personality. Do not be predictable.

6. Care for him, but do not smother him.

7. Surprise him. Bake him a cake one day. Help him fix his bike the other.

8. Engage him in an interesting conversation.

9. Join him for an outdoor adventure.

10. Men are drawn by fragrance. But do not spray ridiculous amount of perfume. A light citric note will go a long way.

11. Men are drawn to unpretentious women. Be yourself.

12. Offer to pay during lunch or movie dates.

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