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5 Reasons You should be Patient While Dating

It can be a test of your patience to find a good date. Patience can work wonders if applied in dating. You may be looking for something serious, a fling or just some good...

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6 Ways to Teach Kids to Save Money

Stories abound about stinking rich heirs and heiresses burning their wealth down to the ground in a matter of a few months. While you may be no liquor baron, you would, without a doubt,...

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5 Tips to Deal with an Arrogant Date

Arrogance can be a difficult trait to deal with. You cannot imagine being with a person who is full of himself. Even if he has other qualities, arrogance can overshadow all of his positive...

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8 Hottest Men on Television

TV is considered to be a ladies’ domain a they form the maximum number of viewership. No wonder then that there are so many hot and good looking men sizzling on almost every show...

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World’s 5 Most Beautiful Gardens

Gardens are the wide stretch of verdant plains decorated with exquisite statues, fountains and sitting area, perhaps around a lake. There are some gardens in the world, where you find an array of floral...

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5 Natural Face Masks for Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin at all ages is a problem. Clinical treatments or intervention by specialists are expensive. You may also be troubled by the thought of how safe and effective the treatment can be....

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5 Ways to Enrich Your Marriage

After having spent the first few years in a marriage, you feel that your life gets gradually monotonous and the passion starts to extinguish. You need to invest time and effort to rekindle your...

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7 Things Every Child Must Know

As a parent, you would want your kid to follow certain values in life. Here are some things that could help your child excel and will guide him/her to stay on the right path....

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10 Most Stylish Male Athletes

Some men are endowed with more than just great talent. Killer looks and a matching attitude along with talent, fame and money make an envious combination. The world of sports is huge and it...

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8 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss

There are days when you might feel like killing your boss. However, that won’t really help you in office. You need to keep your cool and think of strategies to improve the situation. We...

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8 Tips to Enjoy Life After 50

Who says you can’t enjoy life after 50? All these things are just in the mind. Follow the song ‘18 till I die’ and you’ll know what we mean. Besides that, check out some...

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7 Things Every Parent Should Teach their Kids

Good parenting can be a very challenging task and most of us are not too sure if we can get it right. We give you some of the things that every parent should teach...