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12 Anne Frank Quotes to Read Today

Born to Otto and Edith Frank on 12th June, 1929, Anne Frank was a Jewish who held German citizenship till the Nazis passed the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws. She became famous posthumously after her diary...

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How to Make Fun Meals for Kids?

Making mealtimes interesting for kids is probably one of those parenting areas that are constantly in trouble. One of the most frustrating elements for most mothers is when they have to run behind their... 0

How to Develop A Winning Attitude At Work?

Attitude is what defines us. Our success in work and life is an impact of our attitude. A winning attitude helps us reach new, great heights. A winning attitude at work transforms in to...

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6 Fruits That Are Good for Skin

Nature has gifted us with all sorts of natural substances that benefit our skin and fruits stand on top of the list. Here is a list of six different kinds of fruits that are... 0

Top 6 Tips for Workplace Stress Management

When confronted with an unwanted and uncomfortable situation, people experience threat for their physiological and psychological well-being. This is stress. In the modern world, with everything so mobile, handy and fast, expectations of performance...

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Top 10 Handy Tips for a Kids Party

You may have been to an infinite number of parties but organizing a kids’ party is a whole new thing. You should look at the party from kids’ viewpoint because what works for you...

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10 Katy Perry Quotes We Love

Katy Perry also known as Katy Hudson, has achieved the worldwide status of being the ‘Queen of Pop’. This comes with being in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for 69 weeks!...

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5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes,” what a lovely line to express your love. Romance and passion are the two things that can make any love relationship work. So, what... 0

5 Things You Should Keep in Mind After You Achieve Success

Devastating stories of people ruining their own lives along with the lives of their loved ones after achieving success, prosperity and fame are not uncommon. Stop that from happening to you by keeping in...

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5 Benefits of Almond Butter

We all know the health benefits of almonds, but do you know about benefits of almond butter? Almond butter is really getting popular with time. Women are using it as a healthy breakfast option.... pyong 0

4 Natural Oils for Hair

Natural oils can do wonders for your hair. Sure, many hair oils are available in market. However, the goodness of natural oils cannot really match up with those oils. Natural oils being in a...