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4 Black Male Celebs Who Rule Our Hearts

Many black male celebrities are considered handsome. They seem to possess chiseled features and a well constructed jaw line amidst other positive attributes. Few such gorgeous black male celebrities are listed below. Check them...

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6 Tips to Plan An Office Party

If it’s your task to arrange the party, pull up your socks. Get going, as this is the chance to give it your best shot. This can tag you in the good books of...

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4 Black Female Celebrities Whom We Admire

Black women are known for their exquisite features and alluring sex appeal. They’re blessed with enviable curves and have a voluptuous physique. There are many black female celebrities who have a huge fan following,...

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10 Best Movies On Weddings

Are you someone who’s ready to tie the knot really soon? Or are you someone who keeps dreaming day and night about that wonderful day, although you don’t know when it is going to... cstep 0

5 Healthy Food Choices to Replace Junk Food

Although the word ‘junk food’ sounds ‘junk’, it is full of flavors, aromas and a taste that make people return to it in spite of being fully aware of the fact that it makes...

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6 Movies That Make You Cry

Have you ever noticed that most great and legendary movies often sport tragic endings? Very often, tragic endings, although heart breaking, stay in our hearts and create a sense of pain that remains for... ontzy 0

6 Reasons Why Men Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

A woman, who is considered beautiful, is someone with flawless, lovely features and who has a great sense of style. When a man looks at her, he is immediately attracted to her. Some men...

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11 Best Movies to Watch With Your Boyfriend

Thinking of an exceptionally good way to spend time with your boyfriend? How about watching a movie together? Dates are fun, especially when they are movies. Even on days when the two of you...

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8 Great Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are no longer looked at as mere additions to a wedding. Change the tradition of gifting your bridesmaids just a conventional strand of false pearls or a keychain. Instead surprise them with something...

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6 Hair Myths You Should Know About

People tend to confuse a myth with the truth. Same is the case when it comes to hair and its health. Here are few popular hair myths which are often considered to be true....