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Ideal Weight Height Chart For Women

There has to be a balance between a person’s height and weight according to his age. This balance should be maintained all the time to stay healthy and fit. If there is any disturbance... qc85 0

5 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is not really a piece of cake and I understand that you girls might be having a tough time doing so. A lot of exercise and sweating out is required to lose...

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Top 10 Hollywood Movies We Like

There must be several random movies that you might have seen, some touched your heart, some made an impact on your mind, and some enlightened you. But there are few movies that truly can...

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7 Reasons To Not Become A Computer Geek

Computers and all sorts of gadgets are taking over our lives, quite literally! At least 9 out of 10 people are computer savvy. Research reveals that in the recent years, the number of computer... patcoelho 0

7 Must Have Accessories For Your Wardrobe

You may have that perfect sassy dress or that perfect top to go with your pair of denims but you should know that your attire will always remain incomplete if not paired with the...

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6 Second Date Tips for Women

Getting those jitters again? Butterflies in your stomach to meet your man? The second date is the time when you have the chance to take your new relationship to the next level. Fishing for...

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11 Marriage Problems And How To Resolve Them

If someone ever comes to you and says “I’ve never had an argument with my husband” or “we never fight”, they are lying to you! Every marriage has its fair share of issues, whether...

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10 Things To Know Before You Enter The Dating Game

It’s one thing to know a guy as a friend and another to start dating him and sustain a relationship with him. You need to think about several facets of the guy’s personality before... dspruitt 0

7 Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

Are you tired of keeping a watch on your diet? Are you obsessed with the weighing machine? Is your ever increasing weight bothering you much? Yes, we all understand that constant weight gain can... joepyle 0

10 Things That Never Go Out Of Fashion

The famed Greek philosopher once said, “Nothing endures but change”. While his doctrine suits the situation of the modern world in general, it is the most apt definition for the fashion world which is...