20 Signs You Are A Stalker

20 Signs You Are A Stalker

Are you really the clingy type? Do you want to know if you’ve crossed the line and have become a stalker? Check out for these 20 signs to know if you really stalk your boyfriend or not:

1. You flood your boyfriend’s mobile inbox with your messages. And you do it daily!

2. You inundate his email account with e-cards, poetry and other romantic emails.

3. You check your Facebook every five minutes to know if there’s any update from him.

4. You like everything posted by him on Facebook and leave romantic mushy responses to
every post.

5. You ‘plan’ to meet him by ‘accident’ every now and then.

6. Either you are on phone calling him or you keep checking your phone to see if he has called.

7. Your mobile screen has his photo. Same is the case with your laptop/PC.

8. You like whatever he likes and you hate whatever he hates.

9. You try to become friends with his friends so that you can get to know more about him. You often call his friends to check on what’s up with him.

10. You are ready to uproot yourself to be near him. You are willing to let go off your present job to join him where he works, solely for the purpose of staying close to him.

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