20 Reasons You must Always Keep Smiling

20 Reasons You must Always Keep Smiling

A smile, even a forced one, can go a long way in improving your mental, physical, and emotional health. Not convinced? Here are some more reasons for you to always keep smiling.

1. It adds to your face value

Your smile can be your biggest asset. It adds volumes to your personality and makes you more charming.

2. It works up your facial muscles

You may be using anything between 5-53 muscles when you smile!

3. It is a sign that you are a positive person

If you have a constant smile on your face, then it is a sign that you have a positive attitude towards life.

4. It makes you more approachable

You will always find it easier to strike up a conversation with a person who has a smiling face!

5. It makes it easy to face problems in life

It is all about attitude and forcing yourself to smile can help you change your attitude in a positive way.

6. It adds years to your life

A smile goes a long way in making you healthy.

7. It shows that you are a survivor

A smile is a universal symbol of happiness and it is a sign that you have successfully overcome all the challenges that life has thrown your way.

8. It makes you look attractive

A smile gives you a positive aura and you end up attracting a lot of people towards you.

9. Seeing you smile will make others happy

A smile can be contagious! When people see you with an unshakable smile, it will also bring happiness to them.

10. It costs nothing

Smiling is one of the cheapest ways to make room for some happiness!

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