20 Reasons to Love Your Sister

20 Reasons to Love Your Sister

A sister is one of the most beautiful gifts you could get from God in the form of a friend. Your sister is more than a friend; she is also your parent, guide, agony aunt and buddy with whom you can play, fight and make fun of the world with. Friendlier than a friend, more supportive than a guardian, a sister is someone worth living for. Listed below are 20 reasons to love your sister.

1. She will always be truthful as far as you are concerned. She will not hide the truth or will not say anything just to please you. She will be truthful and genuine.

2. She will always be your best friend even if she never misses a chance to irritate you, annoy you or tease you.

3. She will always be there for you through thick and thin. You can count on her always.

4. She will motivate you to pursue whatever your dreams are.

5. She will inspire you and will support you in your endeavors.

6. She will always be protective of you, no matter what. You can count on her to stand beside you whenever you need her.

7. She will give you wonderful beauty tips. An elder sister will be more experienced than you and will tell you tricks as to how to enhance your beauty.

8. She will always try to cheer you up when you are upset about something.

9. She will have an entire wardrobe which will also be at your disposal!

10. You can laugh with your sister about the stupidest and silliest things in the world because only both of you find the humor in it even when the rest of the world does not.

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