20 First Date Conversation Starters

20 First Date Conversation Starters

First dates are not just about being all decked up in your most comfortable attire with loads of makeup and a kill worthy personality. They are definitely not about going dumb as soon as you meet your date. They’re about striking unforgettable conversations and getting an insight into the person sitting right across. While you should make sure your questions don’t sound like a job interview, you should also make sure you ask open ended questions which your date feels enthusiastic to reply. Here are a few first date conversation starters that you could take help from on your next date.

1. What was the best day in your life?

2. If you bagged a prize of a hundred million dollars, what would do with the money?

3. What has been your biggest achievement in life?

4. Do you have a crush on a celebrity? Who’s that?

5. Do you believe in ghosts?

6. Which is that one movie you could watch again and again and again?

7. What was your biggest accomplishment when in high school?

8. What is your favorite cartoon character?

9. Do you like to read books?

10. Are you in a career of your choice?

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