19 Benefits of Writing a Journal

19 Benefits of Writing a Journal

Writing is often considered therapeutic. A journal is your best friend where you can pour your heart out without any restriction. Therefore, maintaining a regular journal helps you immensely. In order to have a good emotional health and peace of mind, it is advisable for you to maintain a journal. Given below are 19 benefits of writing a journal to motivate you to start one of your own.

1. You can write whatever your heart desires without any fear of criticism.

2. There is no one to judge you when you pour your heart out to your journal.

3. No one is there to say, “I am getting bored. Can we change the topic?” You can ‘talk’ as long as you want to your journal.

4. When you write, things start making sense to you and you may resolve some conflicts of your mind which earlier you were unable to.

5. When you maintain a journal regularly, you become good at expressing yourself clearly and meaningfully.

6. You never have to face the humiliation of being ignored while sharing things with your journal.

7. Maintaining a journal enhances your creativity and improves your writing skills.

8. Your secrets are safe with your journal.

9. When you are angry, writing a journal is a great way to bust your anger without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

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