18 Things to Do When You Turn 18

18 Things to Do When You Turn 18

There are a lot of things that you are legally allowed to do once you turn 18 in US (these may vary as per the state laws). However, you must remember that you need to act as a mature and responsible person so as to not misuse this freedom. Here are a few things that you can do, once you turn 18!

1. Donate blood

Go ahead and make a positive difference to somebody else’s life. This is bound to bring you joy and contentment.

2. Go on a cruise

What better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than by going on an awesome cruise with your loved ones.

3. Serve on a jury

It is time that you do something for the society and serve on a jury duty.

4. Change your name

Tired of being teased about your name? You can change it, now that you are 18!

5. Vote voting in local and general elections

Make your voice heard and vote for the right person. You are now 18 and can exercise your right to vote.

6. Get an adult driver’s license

Now that you are 18, you can get an adult driver’s license which allows you to drive at all hours.

7. Go bungee jumping or skydiving

If you want and adventure-filled birthday, then you can go skydiving or bungee jumping!

8. Go to a nightclub

Enjoy listening to some great music and dancing the night away on your 18th birthday!

9. Get a credit card

Now that you are 18, you can finally apply and get a credit card!

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