15 Weird Superstitions Around the World

15 Weird Superstitions Around the World

The world is a crazy place to live in, and there are new, wonderful, weird, stupid, scary, and many other superstitions that are followed around the planet by people from different regions. Have fun and get more knowledge about the weird side of the world with this list of whacky superstitions and rituals.

1. Don’t ever give an even number of flowers to any Russian, as even number of flowers are usually decorated on dead people. So count your flowers before you make a flowery offering to any Russian!

2. Today we use so many products to look young, but in medieval Britain, women used only one natural element to look younger than they are, acorns.

3. If you knit while on a doorstep in Iceland during late winter, it will take you unusually long to complete your knit work.

4. If you have a beauty spot on your palms, it means that lot of money will come to you, but if it is visible when you clench your fists, then the money will go as soon as it comes.

5. Ancient Greeks believed that, at the time of conception, if the wind was blowing north, the child would be a boy, and if it was blowing southward, then it would be a girl.

6. The usage of yo-yo was banned in Damascus because, the people thought it caused droughts!

7. If a mirror in the house falls and breaks by itself, someone in the house will die soon.

8. In India, newly married couples are made to play a game in which they have to dunk their hands in a tub of milk, and try to find a ring. The one who does, will dominate the other throughout their married life.

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