15 Ways to Improve Memory

15 Ways to Improve Memory

Though this is the age of personal computers and smartphones, and you really do not need to remember a lot of things because everything is available at the click of a mouse or by pressing one button, your memory is a very crucial asset which you would not want to do away with. Your memory not only helps you to be more informed and knowledgeable,but also makes you think more clearly. There are several techniques which can help you improve your memory. Many of these techniques involve boosting and stimulating your brain as it helps perk up your memory wonderfully. Listed below are 15 effective ways to improve your memory.

1. Take deep breaths or breathe deeply. When you breathe deeply, you inhale more oxygen and it means more oxygen enters your bloodstream and more oxygen reaches your brain. Breathing deep also helps you relax which enables clearer thinking.

2. Meditation works wonders to improve the power of your memory. When you meditate, your consciousness gets enhanced. By meditating for a few minutes every day, your memory will drastically improve.

3. Keep the right posture when you are sitting, standing or walking. Try thinking while you keep an upright posture and you will find that your thoughts get clearer when you maintain the right posture. Thus it also helps improve your memory.

4. Use unproductive time to read the newspaper or books or listen to informative tapes and so on. We spend plenty of time every day waiting in queues, in waiting rooms, while traveling, during traffic jams and so on. Instead of not doing anything during those wasted hours, do something to stimulate your brain and watch how your memory along with your knowledge improves.

5. In order to boost your brain power and improve your memory, start learning something new, a new language for instance. It involves learning new concepts and rules which stimulates your brain and stalls age-related brain depletion.

6. Avoid distractions and work towards improving your concentration. This will help boost your brain power and thereby develop your memory. When you learn to focus, your memory improves unfailingly.

7. Another wonderful way to improve your memory is to write down things that are important. Lists of things to do, things to buy, your shopping list, personal goals and so on – write down everything and watch how clearly you remember those things. You will eventually not have to go back and refer the lists you wrote and just by writing, you will be able to remember things.

8. Listening to instrumental music can dramatically help you improve your memory. Listen to musicians like Mozart. The soothing harmony in their music will help your brain to retain more information easily.

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