15 Tips to Show Your Crush You are Interested in Him

15 Tips to Show Your Crush You are Interested in Him

If you have a crush on someone, you definitely want him to notice you. Having your feelings reciprocated is always a great high. Here are some tips for you to show your crush you are interested in him.

1. Be around him or with him

Firstly, it is very important for you to attract this guy’s attention. You have to be around him or with him often in order to help him notice you. Try and join the gym or club he is part of. If you know him then make sure you are around him often, be it at school, the park or the library. Speak to him casually and try to find a seat next to him at lunch time.

2. Try to get close to him

Take your time and become a little closer to him. It is important to earn his trust. Speak to him on general topics and try to support him emotionally. Motivate him when he feels less confident. This will help him trust you.

3. Make him depend on you for something

If you drive then offer him a drive to school or college often. Call him generally and ask him what his plans are. If he says that he has to go for grocery shopping then tell him that you too have to shop for grocery items. You can try and make him depend on you for some other things as well. For instance if he lives alone then you can offer him lunch every day. Be careful, to not let him take you for granted, though!

4. Support him without saying anything

You can do simple but moving things for him without saying a single word. For instance, if he is nervous about a soccer match then show up at the game to motivate him. Don’t fake it if you don’t like the game. Be yourself, tell him that you don’t like the sport much but you came to see him play. Make sure you don’t do this too often because it will freak him out and make him avoid you. No one likes a stalker.

5. Decide if you want to take things slowly

If he is a stranger or just an acquaintance then make sure you find out the details about his interests, his friends, his habits etc. You don’t want to end up with someone who looks great but has a bad habit that you don’t like. So, know him properly before you start to put in all these efforts.

6. Turn on your charm

Try to act a little shy and turn your girly charm on to attract him. Keep your voice soft and your pitch low while talking to him. Sound sweet but don’t sound fake. Don’t try too hard to be nicer or more feminine. Just do everything with a smile and give him positive vibes.

7. Dress nicely

Don’t wear sleazy clothes to attract his attention because this can give him the wrong impression. Wear appropriate but pretty clothes and look cute. Go for knee length flared skirts, jeans, laced blouses, casual tees and some accessories. Avoid wearing micro minis or hot pants that are too short.

8. Try and impress his friends

When a guy’s friends talk to him about how pretty or sweet a girl is, the guy definitely starts to give more importance to that specific girl. So try and impress his close friends by interacting with them. You can smile and share your knowledge on any common interests. You can focus on one of his friends if you are not too confident about impressing a lot of them.

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