15 Things Girls Hate To Listen To

15 Things Girls Hate To Listen To

Surely honesty is the best policy and it is important to be sincere in a relationship. But, at times, guys just cross the limit while making honest confessions. They don’t realize that while they are acting super honest, they’re actually demeaning their girl. Mentioned below are 15 such things which guys usually say and end up hurting their girlfriends.

1. “How old are you?”

Haven’t their mommies ever told them that they must never ask a girl her age? Don’t they know that we girls hate to grow old? Age is something so personal that we keep it to ourselves and share it only with family, close girl friends and husbands. If they don’t fall in any of these categories, then they don’t have the right to ask such questions.

.2. “What’s your weight?”

This is next to asking a girl her age. No matter if she is light as a feather or heavy as a stone, every girl is super conscious about her weight. It’s such a sensitive issue. Guys who ask such a question just come across as freaks who’ve lost their manners in the pit!

3. “You are just like my ex”

No, no, never! How can a girl imagine herself to be ‘like’ someone! It’s such an insult. And doesn’t that also mean, the guy has not yet got over his ex? Come out with your snoopy hood and find out what’s cooking.

4. “This dress makes you look fat”

So what if we ourselves ask our guy how a dress looks on us. How can he even think of such an answer? Someone go and tell the guys that we aren’t interested in your opinion, what we are secretly hoping to hear is a simple,’No baby, not at all.’

5. “Are you pregnant?”

We girls are human, and we often tend to put on weight in the wrong places. But when guys ask us such a question looking at the little bump covering our stomach, it’s so irritating. It sounds like their 90-year old granny is asking such a question through them.

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