15 Good Second Date Ideas

15 Second Date Ideas

You are done with your first date and the nervousness that comes along with it. Oh God, what a relief, you say. Your nerves are a bit relaxed now as the guy you were apprehensive about turned out to be so cool. Now are you thinking of going out with him again? Of course yes! Then what are you waiting for? Just jump in and take this wonderful ride of the best second date ideas that you could ever have.

1. Watch a movie

A movie for a second date can never go wrong. Why? We’ll tell you. That’s because if the movie turns out to be wonderful, that will be the start of an interesting conversation. Even if the movie wasn’t that great, you can still talk and grumble about it! It’s proven that people with mutual dislikes gel along well. You’ll also get an added bonus: The chance of cuddling up to him while watching the movie.

2. Plan an exquisite dining experience

If you’re confused on where to head for your second date, then why not go to a restaurant where you both have never been before. Plus, pick out a restaurant that provides some exotic cuisine like authentic Chinese or Thai food.

3. Swim with the dolphins

If you’re both up for some adventure, you can try out this option. It doesn’t mind if you couldn’t manage a swim with the dolphins, you both can always go to an aquarium or a marine animal show. Watch those beautiful dolphins perform flips, jump through hoops and play ball!

4. Plan a picnic in the backyard

Here’s a nice way of spending a quiet day with your date. Plan a picnic and call him over to your backyard for a lovely day under the sun. You know what you need for a picnic – a blanket, some fruits, sandwiches and if you could arrange a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, that would be great. You could also suggest him to have a picnic in his backyard, if he doesn’t mind it.

5. Go to a comedy club

Laughter is really good to keep you in the best of your health. What’s more, it’s also useful for a second date! One of you could get two tickets to the comedy show and enjoy your date with some good humor.

6. Go for a walk in the woods

Now this idea sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? There’s nothing better than being able to spend some private time with your date. Add the sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds to it and you have a perfect date ahead of you.

7. Go to an antique/flea market

The variety of items you get here is amazing. If you like historical stuff, then this is a nice place to go. You never know when you may find a pretty necklace for yourself. The goods that you see there are interesting enough to keep your conversation going.

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